Getting California Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act was signed into action in 2010. It is usually called Obamacare it is the opportunity to get healthcare coverage for you and your family no matter how much or how little money you earn. It also cut out the previous exclusion which prevented anyone with a pre-existing condition from getting insurance. This means that some of the people who needed insurance coverage the most and were not able to get it are now covered and not through exorbitant rates.

There are places you can go to online that will help you find health care coverage in California. You may have to go to their main website and complete the application before you can find out where you can get health insurance for yourself and your family. Once you get your insurance cannot be dropped or canceled if you become ill or have a pre-existing condition. If you cannot afford insurance, there is a program that will subsidize you so that you can qualify for the program. You have a certain time where you can enroll.

You can also get coverage if you work for yourself or even if you have a small company. If you employ people through your business you may have to offer them health insurance. You may have to check out all the information regarding the Affordable Care Act as there may be some fines in place if you do not get insurance or if you do not have insurance.

You can go to the website to look over the insurance companies that are participating in this plan. They have made all of their insurance plans available to those who need insurance. It is much easier to go through the insurance coverage this way than to try to contact each company individually. At this site you just input the data that you will use for your search and a number of plans and their prices will come up.

With all of the advantages that the Affordable Care Act offers there is no reason why anyone should have to go without health insurance ever again. There are a number of independent insurance agents who work for several different companies who can help you sort things out and answer any questions you may have about coverage and eligibility.  A simple search on the Internet will point you in the right direction.